Why an Accountant?

Your accountant should be an integral part of your business team – someone you trust and feel comfortable discussing all your financial affairs with.  If your accountant is only helping you with your end of year accounts then they might not be helping you enough.

There’s a range of proactive advice your accountant should be giving to help grow your business.  This should be offered and you shouldn't have to worry about a bill in the mail every time you get on the phone.

This advice can help you raise funds, get a better handle on your business, improve your cashflow and get more customers.  At the end of the day the sooner you improve those areas, the better. So what sort of things can an accountant help me with?

 Amongst other things, an accountant should: 

  • Provide the right input into decisions you need to make
  • Help you to understand the implications of those decisions
  • Enable you to be comfortable using your accounting system
  • Let you know what needs to be done, with an achievable timeline to get there
  • Help you to predict where your finance is going, for tax, investment or just piece of mind
  • Keep you focused and on budget
  • Help you understand the difference between cash flow and profit in your business

This is just a small list of the things your accountant can be helping you with.  If you need assistance with any of the above, don't be afraid to get in touch.