Accounting for Startups and Creatives

We work for creative founders
building things that people love.  


No matter what stage your business is in, you didn't start your business to be managing paperwork and filing tax returns.  We can simplify the bookkeeping, taxation and finance functions for your startup or creative business.

Our clients know what's coming next, what needs to be done and what doesn’t.  This means they can get on with what's important - growing a business through developing a great team, and building a great product.



From the Blog:

Why You Need Monthly Accounting

Every startup company needs accurate and timely information.  While its not a flashy activity, having a monthly accounting process at your startup means you can get constant access to the real profitability of your business, allows you to dive deeper on any inconsistencies you find and complete any trend analysis on your financial performance.

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How Does Kiwisaver Work for Startups?

We’ll look at whether you’ll be automatically enrolled if you start a company, whether you get the same benefits as an Employee, what a member tax credit is and how you pay Kiwisaver if you are a founder.

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Starting Out: How Provisional Tax Works in New Zealand

A look at timing for Income Tax in New Zealand and any tax planning opportunities for startups.

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